ICT 2020 Approved Supplier

Contract Guide


The establishment of the ICT Services Approved Supplier Panel is a significant part of the Government ICT Strategic Plan, which aims to deliver effective and efficient procurement solutions and savings on products and services across agencies.
The ICT Services Approved Supplier Panel comprises of a diverse range of ICT Services in over 30 categories and 130 sub categories.

Supporting the contract is the ICT ePortal which facilitates request for quotes and vendor performance reviews.
NSW Procurement

McKell Building 2-24 Rawson Place Sydney NSW 2000

T 1800 NSW BUY (1800 679 289)
E nswbuy@commerce.nsw.gov.au
I www.nswbuy.com.au

Section 5 – Suppliers

This Contract is for a period of three (3) years.

Approved suppliers are listed in the ICT ePortal, eligible customers are required to login in to the ICT ePortal to obtain this information to ensure that they receive the most current list of suppliers.

Supplier Performance Management

The NSW Department of Commerce – ICT Vendor Management Team will use a number of information sources in reviewing the ongoing performance of suppliers.

Examples of information considered as part of a Supplier Review are Vendor Reviews (completed by clients at the completion of each project) Compliance with the approved supplier panel contract Client usage Complaints Vendor participation Changes in financial status and legal entity Non-Compliance to Government Code of Ethics.